Many Massachusetts restaurants named among Yelp’s top 100 places to eat in New England

(...)“Whether you live in New England or are just visiting, add these spots to your must-try list. In a region that’s bursting with history, you’ll get a taste of the culinary present,” the crowd-sourced reviews website wrote in its report.

18. Shawarma Palace, Worcester, Massachusetts

Oct 11, 2022


Boston Red Sox’s Chris Sale next stop Worcester? If so, ‘no question Shawarma Palace is getting a phone call. No doubt’

(...)Sale already knows where he’s ordering from if he makes a fourth rehab start next week in Worcester.

 “If I do have another one and it is in Worcester, there’s no question Shawarma Palace is getting a phone call,” Sale said. “No doubt.”

June 30, 2022


What to do around Worcester’s Polar Park beyond baseball: A complete guide of how to spend a day walking Canal District before, after games

Up for a walk

Downtown also offers a diverse range of options including Theatre Cafe, Wooster Pizza (also available at Polar Park), Chashu Ramen + Izakaya and Shwarma Palace.

What to try: Beef Shawarma at Shawarma Palace — The beef is tender, juice and nearly melts in your mouth encased in a wrap with hummus, tomato, pickles, lettuce, onions and tahini. There are a number of options downtown, but Shawarma Palace stands out for a reason.

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May 9, 2021


Best Budget-Friendly Dining Options In Worcester

1. Shawarma Palace

Topping the list is Shawarma Palace. Located at 3 Pleasant St., the Lebanese spot, which offers sandwiches and salads, has been well received in Worcester... (read full article)

June 22, 2019


Shawarma adds flavorful spin to Middle Eastern Festival in Worcester

“This is the God of foods,” Charlie Dalli, owner of Shawarma Palace at 3 Pleasant St., said Thursday morning as 48 pounds of chicken and 34 pounds of lamb turned on their skewers, awaiting the lunchtime rush.

Mr. Dalli is donating more than 300 pounds of the seasoned chicken to the Middle Eastern Festival...(read full article)

June 6, 2019


The Absolute Best Sandwich in Every State

MASSACHUSETTS: The Falafel and Shawarma at Shawarma Palace in Worcester

At Shawarma Palace, don’t expect to get a traditional sandwich. These sandwiches are not enclosed by your traditional two slices of bread, but rather by pita bread. Choose from a selection of pita bread sandwiches, including chicken or beef shawarma, falafel, or even a combination of the two!  We heard that the falafel and beef shawarma options are both excellent choices at this place. (read full article)

March 21, 2019


The 10 best foods I've had to eat since moving to Worcester

My go-to here is the beef shawarma, which is carved off the standard rotating colossus of meat on a spit roasting in the back. But what really makes it the ideal quick fill-in lunch is that splash of hummus and garlic on there to give it that vibrant, herbaceous flavor. Plus, there's just enough tomato and pickle in there to brighten up the whole pita in terms of texture and fresh flavor...(read full article)

Oct 16, 2018


The best sandwich in every state

MASSACHUSETTS: Shawarma Palace in Worcester

Whether you call it a sandwich, a hoagie, or a sub, the combination of meat, vegetables, and condiments between two pieces of bread is a universally enjoyed dish all over the US...(read full article)

Apr 23, 2018


Swarming to Shawarma

I am ashamed to say that after its four-year residency on Pleasant Street, I am only now welcoming Shawarma Palace into my takeout rotation. The eatery is not only centrally located and affordable, it is also brimming with goodwill. I simply won’t be able to stay away...(read full article)

Oct 5, 2017


Hidden Gem: Shawarma Palace

You’re out with friends, chatting with colleagues, discussing the day with your significant other. Someone says, “Hey, you know a place we should try?” What follows is added to your mental list of places you should visit...(read full article)